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Dossier Download and Import (what happens?)

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I wanted to know what happens when you download a dossier and import the dossier back to MSTR? Specifically an environment that was rolled/restored back. 


One dossier is attached to a cube and the cube will also be downloaded. 


Second dossier is not attached to a cube and the user manually selected Excel Files from his network folder. 


Specifically what I am interested is is the dossier with the manual excel data. When I import this dossier in the new environment, will all the visualizations be empty, as it needs the same tables/excel files reimported? 


I also don't have access to object manager tool.



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I found my answer about how downloads essentially creates a portable dossier and import is related to bringing in another dossier into an existing one. My assumptions of these functionalities was way off.