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Database driver install location

7 - Meteor

Hello All,


Having trouble publishing work flows to our company gallery.  I've looked through the server installation documentation and unless I mised it, where do I install database drivers?


For example, we have a work flow that uses one of our SQL servers that uses windows authentication.  I am attempting to publish that workflow to the gallery and use the run as account.  I have made sure that the run as account has access but when I try to create the connection on server, Alteryx wants me to download the driver.  In other tools, those drivers typically go within the install directory of that tool but I don't see where to place them for Alteryx.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

- Curtis

12 - Quasar

Your Windows server admin would need to remote into the server (RDC) and install the drivers at the windows level.  Then Alteryx will be able to see them when invoked.  If you are using named DSN connections the windows admin would need to configure those as well.  DSN-less connections make life much easier, because the admin only needs to install the driver.