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Chained Apps: Download output from 1st app, modify, and reupload as input for 2nd app

7 - Meteor



I have two chained analytic apps in a gallery environment - this is how it works in Designer:

After the first app runs, the user sees a dialogue box and is able to download an Excel sheet. They then are supposed to input information into a column and save the file when they are finished. Then, the next analytic app runs, and they upload the saved file as the input for that analytic app. 


I have learned that the "On Success - Show Results to User" option (which allows for the Excel sheet to be downloaded after the first app is run on Designer) does not work on Gallery because of the workflow parameter Engine.GuiInteraction ( 


So, is there any way for the output from analytic app 1 to be downloaded, modified, and reuploaded for analytic app 2? I know I can create two separate apps on the gallery and complete the process this way, but would like to put this together into one package if possible. 


Thank you!

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @ryanhartman32 ,


The option to show an intermediary output is not available on the Gallery, unfortunately. A (not so great) workaround would be to present a message on your 2nd app with a shared folder location.



Fernando Vizcaino


7 - Meteor

Ah bummer. Well thank you Fernando! I appreciate the quick response.