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Browse tool output not displayed in gallery output

Alteryx Partner

Hi Team,


We just set up our own gallery and trying to publish our apps in to gallery. We could successfully save the app in our gallery and run it in the gallery without any issue. App results window show "Status: Success. This workflow produced no output." Actually this app has a browse at the end and it will show a map and the data points in table while running it in the desktop. Do we need to explicitly render the map in separate tool ? If so, how to show the output records? Does browse tool not show any output in the app result?


Thanks in advance,


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Yes.  You will need to render the output.


Depending on how you want to render the data, the option is yours.  PDF might work for you or you can experiment with options.  You might want to look at gallery examples.


:) Mark

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I'm not sure if you ever found a solution for this, or if you even need it now :). Either way, you can do this by click on View -> Interface Designer to bring up the interface designer. Click on the Wrench icon. There should be a box called "On Success - Show Results to User." Click your browse tool, and when it runs the browse will show to the end user. No need to render!

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Hi Zachwalz,


I'm not sure if the option you suggested works.. Please see the attachment.

Am i missing any step?





Hi Sandeep,


You will need to render some type of output since you are running it on the gallery, just as Mark mentioned above in the solution. Zachwalkz did point out a good tip though - this is especially useful when testing the app, but as you saw it only works when running on your local machine.




Sophia Fraticelli
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Hi Sandeep,


I am experiencing the same issue. Could you find a way to output the browse tool output from gallery?



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

As noted in the previous discussion thread, the Browse tool will only show data when running an Analytic App within Designer, and not on the Gallery.


If you want to see the data in the Gallery, use an Output Data tool in your published workflow and output it to a .yxdb file format. When the Analytic App runs in the Gallery, it will show a sample of the data set and allow the user to download in a variety of file formats.


Did you mean a PCXML format using a render tool Rod?  I don't think YXDB in a normal output tool will produce anything in the Gallery.  I tried that once and all I got was "unknown" in the app results.

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@mbarone, interesting...the YXDB works for me.

I saved a simple Input with Output workflow to my Gallery.

When I run it in the Gallery, I get this...


Test YXDB Out.png


Which is nice because it gives you a partial browse of your data, but then allows the user to download in a number of formats.


Oh wow, that's pretty awesome!  I'd save myself a lot of time with render tools and formatting if I could get this to work.  Can it be because we're on a private server you think?