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Azure Data Lake Tools - Installation on server with no PyPI connection

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I am working with our Alteryx Server admin to install Azure Data Lake Tools on Alteryx server 2019.4.


The server does not have access to the repositories to download the various Python packages required.


Has anyone encountered this issue and found a way of install the Azure Data Lake Tools? I have read about downloading packages offline but I'm not sure that this would work in conjunction with the tool installer.


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Are you referring to the below?


The YXI is an archive which contains the relevant packages so following the instructions you should be able to add all the dependencies into the relevant locations.


Hi @tonykirl 


  Thanks for posting on the community. We currently have 6 Python-based standalone data connectors (downloadable from Alteryx Public Gallery, such as the ADLS connector) that install Python packages during the YXI install process that @MichalM references (thank you!) Many users are in restricted environments (due to proxies, firewalls, etc) that can not reach


Please feel free to reach out to Alteryx Support and we can help with an offline installation as well.


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Sabrina Blanck
Sr. Customer Support Engineer – Connectors SME
Alteryx, Inc.