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Alteryx Server Usage Report - Cant identify host or db credentials

8 - Asteroid

HI All,


We are attempting to monitor our alteryx server usage to have better tracking. However, when we are attempting to enter in the database host, the instructions tell us to navigate to systems settings > controller > persistence page to find the credentials. We dont have the system settings drop down available to us (we are running server 2018.4 and have the admin version (we are using the gallery to schedule workflows)).


This is the error that we are getting when we use the default host (localhost:27018), plus the admin username and password


Error: Alteryx Server Usage Report (8): Tool #569: Mongo Error (getCollectionNames) : { msg:"No suitable servers found (serverSelectionTryOnce set): [connection refused calling ismaster on 'localhost:27018']: generic server error" code: No suitable servers found (serverSelectionTryOnce set): [connection refused calling ismaster on 'localhost:27018']: generic server error }

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



You have two ways to get to the system settings.


1. In the Options menu under Advanced Options

2. Through the desktop icon for system settings.


If you do not have either of these, you either do not have the Alteryx Server version installed or you are not looking on the Server machine that has the Server version installed.


Screenshot 2019-09-19 09.06.17.png