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Alteryx Gallery sign-in keep on prompting (Active Directory authentication)

6 - Meteoroid



just would like to ask if anyone has encountered the same Alteryx Gallery signing in issue as mine.


I have a problem where I am unable to access the Alteryx Gallery link (registered URL as in SSL certification registration) through the server where the Alteryx Server was installed (no matter what search engine used). The sign-in part keeps on prompting (some kind of looping) even though I have entered the right AD credentials.


However, this issue does not happen when I tried to access the link from other PC (ie my local PC @ other production segment server). Once the AD credentials have been entered the Alteryx Gallery works smoothly as it should be without any issue.


Did anyone encounter this kind of error before? Appreciate your feedback on this.


Thank you.

14 - Magnetar

Hi @mdhaziiiq 


I've come across this issue as well and is due to a loopback check that is preventing this... I think it's somewhat of a security precaution, but can't really speak to it much.


There is a KB article that covers this and, as it mentions, you should still be able to connect to Gallery from the server by going to localhost/gallery and that should also work if you're trying to connect Designer (also from server) to Gallery.



6 - Meteoroid

Hi @jrgo , the provided solution provided works like a charm! Thank you very much for the article!