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Alteryx 2020.1.6 still can't connect to Active Directory

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Hi Alteryx,


I've sent a message to support, but wanted to see if anyone else in the community has the same issue.

Alteryx 2020.1.5 had issues with AD connecting. 

For 2020.1.6 it looks like existing users can logon, but because Alteryx Gallery can't see active directory we aren't able to add any new users.


For example 2019.4.8


Whereas 2020.1.6 doesn't show up. 



We did try to add an email but it just gave us back the user invalid. We are set up on an active directory only without Kurobos







This is Ian from Support. I'll continue working with you in our support ticket. If anyone else would like to chime in on this, they are free to do so.

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Good afternoon,


Our location is currently attempting to upgrade our environment from v2018.4 to v2020.1 (AlteryxServerInstallx64_2020.1.6.26414), and is experiencing similar issues.  We are using Alteryx server (single node), and Alteryx Designer at the workstations.  I have recovered and installed the software a second time, but still encounter these issues.


The issues our location can identify on the ADMIN USERS page are... 

1) We are unable to deactivate or otherwise modify the "Enable User Registration" buttons at the top of the page.  Our gallery authentication type is Integrated Windows Authentication.

2) There is no field/textbox to enter a new username

3) Unable to modify roles for some users; the response is "Failed to change role".

4) Unable to execute a search for a user.  Clicking the magnifying glass only brings up a SEARCH textbox, but any values entered get no response

5) Unable to use the filter to select users by role.  A value can be entered at the dropdown box, but nothing is returned.

6) The page navigator is showing two types of page actuators. 

  a) The first by page number does not work - no navigation can be made using that tool. 

  b) The second is the rows per page tool, and those navigation buttons do work.

7) To add a user, we found that we first needed the user to access the server URL - which for whatever reason creates a USER entry and a SUBSCRIPTION entry.  We can then go and modify the role of the USER entry, and provide them the access they will need.  The user does not get prompted to populate any credential fields, nor asked if they wish to build a new account, as described in the online Alteryx documentation.





Thank you,

Kevin Jennings




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Hi Kenny,

Were you able to figure out the issue with not being to search, filter and change the user roles and also the page navigator in users section? We are also seeing the same issues in our system. 




8 - Asteroid



No, We have been consulting tech support, but do not have a solution at this time.


K Jennings