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Downloading csv from Azure File Storage

6 - Meteoroid



I've been banging my head against the desk for a day now... looking for what I am missing.


The task is to download a csv file from our Azure File Storage location. Would be better if I can 'move' it (download & delete).


I have built the following (see PDF for pics), passing in the file location in Azure & the destination path.

Download is outputting to a file referencing the file path \folder\folder\a.csv


I also include in the Payload the pieces of the SAS token as described on the 'Download from Azure Blob Storage' article by Dungas, using the GET http action.


The token is made up of the below (copied from the Azure token generator).


sv = 2017-11-09

ss =f

srt =o

sp =rw

se =2018-06-22T23:14:17Z

st =2018-06-19T23:14:17Z

sr = https



I get the error that the header is not well formed, and have received one citing the x-ms-version item.

I have also tried the recommendation to place the whole URL+the SAS piece in the download tool directly to no avail.

I end up with the header & error noted in the PDF


Ideas? Help? running out of ideas....


6 - Meteoroid

Aha, I figured it out and thought I'd share for others that may have this same issue.


I installed AZCopy from Microsoft, and added the AZCopy path on the system path of the machine.



Then using Alteryx I was able to copy over the files to a new folder for further Alteryx processing  using the

AzCopy /Source: /Dest:C:\myfolder /SourceKey:key /S

code string.


Seems pretty simple using AZCopy.