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join left unmatched with in db

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is it possible to join two tables on a field and only pull in what is in the left table but not in the right, with in db, not static, join?  i see how to do it with multiple static join but i'm not seeing how to do this with indb join.  




becki kain


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In other words, you're using the join to filter the records you're getting back from the left table? If you use the Join In-DB tool, select Left Outer Join from the configuration pane, and then use the Select In-DB tool to remove the columns that are included from the right table, that should work.

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ACE Emeritus
I think a left outer join in SQL terms provides you with the inner records that join and the left records that don't.

So if you do a left outer join, in order to get solely the records that don't match you could take the r.keyfield and keep only the instances where that isnull.

I.e. the match didn't occur.

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yes, that worked as long as I put a indb filter for right hand column is null, matching this sql:


SELECT columns FROM TableA LEFT OUTER JOIN TableB ON A.columnName = B.columnName WHERE B.columnName IS NULL

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This doesn't work when you are working from two different database servers. Alas!