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Which challenges to practise before giving the Alteryx Core Exam

8 - Asteroid

Hello Community,

I hope you all are safe at your places and doing good.

I am reallly enjoying Alteryx and I am grateful to be the part of Alteryx Community and really looking forward to learn from you all.


In my first attempt of Alteryx Designer Core Examination, I scored 56.6%, I prepared and studied more and have planned to give another try on this weekend.


I wanted to ask that which challenegs from the Alteryx weekly challenges should we go through before taking up the Alteryx Core Exam.


I am confused in that area as I am new to Alteryx.


Any suggestions would help.

Thank you 





17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @Rhitik_Krishnani


i would focus on data prep chalanges with the beginer level.


This is the index of all of them:

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi @Rhitik_Krishnani,


I completely agree with Emil_Kos above. In addition, here are a few of the ones I thought provided interesting and relevant practice. You can find them at the link provided in the previous post.

#36 (using crosstab)

#38 (for unusual output data)

#42 (for efficient input data) 

#83 (for wide-ranging review)

#106 (for preparation tools)


Many of the other challenges provide great practice as well! There are a few listed in the core certification prep guide here. Hope this helps and good luck!