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Unable to drag and drop macros from the search box results

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Hi everyone, I have been researching whether anyone else has faced this issue before, but couldn't even find this error coming up for anyone let alone a solution to it!


I have Alteryx Designer 2021.1.3 installed, but this was the case with our previous version as well (can't remember the version number).


Using the search box in the top right hand corner returns tools and macros which I should be able to drag and drop onto the canvas. This works for built in tool, and SOME of our macros, but not other macros.

I opened two of our macros, one I'm able to drag and drop and one I can't to try and find what the difference could be without success.


Background info on the Macros: both were built by the same person (not me). Both are standard macros. Both are in the same shared folder on a network drive, that's been added as a tab from the user settings.

They are both available and show up on the toolbar, from there I'm able to drag and drop both. In the XML both say that the yxmdVer="2021.1". Both tools have multiple versions which are selectable from the Choose version context menu.

The only difference is that one can be drag and dropped from the search box results as well, the other can't.


It is not just these two macros that behave like this, seems very random. I have some macros as well that behave the same. Actually it's the majority of the macros that can't be drag and dropped, but some still work. We have a lot of macros we made ourselves and also that we obtained from the public gallery (e.g. CreW macros) and it's really hard to find them in the toolbar sometimes. It would be really great if the search box drag and drop would work for all of them.


Any ideas what could be the cause of this?