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RE: How to Create Merged Cells in Reports, Part 2 - Render Output Question

9 - Comet



  I'm looking for some assistance with a reporting issue on the process outlined in How to Create Merged Cells in Reports, Part 2 by @atcodedog05  . I followed the steps but in my final excel render the header tables don't seem to be aligning properly with the defined columns. The Profiles header should be starting in column H with the other values.



If I render the table data before the layout tool it outputs as expected.



I did notice if I manually adjust the column width in the layout tool it seems to fix the issue. I set the blank column to 45% and the other to 55% and it lines up correctly. I am fairly new to the reporting tools so not sure what I'm missing. I've attached my sample workflow.




17 - Castor

Hi @TurboToad , The issue is not with the layout tool. You are passing header and data in separate rows to the layout tool. The layout tool will consider both rows differently(one which contains headers from both tables and other with data) and create layout for both rows separately. So you will have to use the table tool again after union and create a single table for each input to layout. I am attaching the updated workflow. If this is what you needed please accept my solution.




Sapna Gupta
22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi @TurboToad 


Interesting scenario ideally it should have worked. Disclaimer reporting tools are a bit moody hence sometimes require experimentation.


If you use a table tool (uncheck show column heading) instead of a layout tool. It will give us the expected output.




Thank you for bringing this up. I will try to update the blog as well.


Hope this helps : )

9 - Comet

 Thanks @grazitti_sapna and @atcodedog05 for the prompt responses and solutions! @atcodedog05, really appreciate the time and effort putting that blog series together, was very helpful!

22 - Nova
22 - Nova



Glad you found it helpful :)


Happy to help : )

Cheers and have a nice day!

5 - Atom

Thank you so much. Your reponse solved my issue.