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Error - The current page layout causes some data to be incorrectly truncated.

8 - Asteroid

I have a workflow that creates 30+ multi-page pdfs via a basic table tool and a render tool. At the end of the workflow, an email is sent to end users to notify them the pdfs are waiting on a shared network folder. 



When I run this workflow on my desktop, everything works as expected. 



When I schedule this workflow on Alteryx Server, after the workflow is run, I get the following error. "The current page layout causes some data to be incorrectly truncated. To resolve this issue, modify the layout." Since there is an error, Alteryx won't send out an email. All of the pdfs seem to be correct without any obvious layout error.



How does someone go about troubleshooting this error message so that the email notifications get sent out?  



How can I figure out which column is throwing off the layout format? The basic table is setup with fixed percentages, so it should always fit on the page. 



18 - Pollux

short of trial and error - I do not know how to figure out which is the offending section. The usual suspect is an excel file/table - not a .pdf but it could be anything. Can you confirm server and designer are the same version of Alteryx?

8 - Asteroid

Follow-up. Trial and error seemed to work. The issue seemed to be instances where the rows had to be reformatted to fit within a standard letter size. Since some of the pdfs are 50+ pages, the reformatting was caching enough that it was throwing an error but the pdf seems to contain all the data.


The work around was to take the reports with the most pages and just use legal paper size. This seemed to remove the errors preventing the email notifications.