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Dynamic Sheet Range in Output Data Tool

12 - Quasar

Hello community! I am trying to write multiple sets of rows to an Excel template. Rather than overwrite the whole range, I'd like to skip rows that have formulas and drop each "section" of rows directly into the correct table in the template. I thought I had everything configured correctly to pull the range for each section from the data itself, but every time I run the workflow it writes each range to its own sheet instead of a range within the sheet. What have I missed to get these groups to write to separate ranges within the same sheet? 


Data: Data by representative, with different groups of reps configured to different ranges.



Output Data Tool: Configured to pull the sheet & range from the data and overwrite the table name... or so I think.



Results: Instead of writing to ranges, the data is writing to sheets named for their range. I suspect that the colon used in the range field is being replaced with an underscore before the data is actually written... which is tricking it into thinking it's a sheet instead of a range. OR, a perhaps more likely explanation is that I've done something wrong :) 





16 - Nebula

Hi @kelsey_kincaid 


Yes, the file write log should show something like "...Sheet2$G19:T20", not "...Sheet2$G19_T20". Take a look at the attached example of config and replicate it, it will probably work fine.




12 - Quasar

Thank you @Felipe ! It looks like the issue was that I was replacing the File/Table Name rather than the Full Path. When I changed that, it no longer reverted to underscores. Appreciate your help!