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Dynamic Rename - Change Headers to Dates

7 - Meteor


I am using a crosstab tool which sums up volumes by dates. The field headers are coming out as "Sum_YYYY_MM_DD" but I would like them to come out as "DD/MM/YYYY". 


I know that I can remove the prefix of "Sum_" by using the dynamic rename tool but does anyone know how I can reorder the date and replace the underscores with forward slashes?


This is how my data currently looks:


Screenshot 2023-09-22 101654.png



11 - Bolide

You can use the Formula Tool to format the dates into "DD/MM/YYYY" before you Cross-Tab them. In this way, your Dynamic Rename Tool only needs to remove the "Sum_" prefix.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hey @benmillea.


You should first remove the "Sum_" before the Crosstab Tool. You can do this in a Formula Tool using the Replace() function. This will take care of sorting the dates.

Then use the Dynamic Rename Tool (set to formula) with expression,

DateTimeFormat(DateTimeParse([_CurrentField_], '%Y_%m_%d'), '%d/%m/%Y')
7 - Meteor

Thanks for this. It's the crosstab tool that is creating the "Sum_" prefix so I can't remove it before. I've used 2 x dynamic rename tools: the first removes the prefix; and the second one uses the expression that you have provided - this gives me just what I need, so many thanks for your help.