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Create a Dashboard

8 - Asteroid

Need help urgently, Wanted to create a Dashboard 1 and 2 below. I know how to create 1... Please guide me how to create a Dashboard 2. Hereby shared sample data.


Received 3 type of instructions every day. Say A, B & C.


Team behaviour

Some days only A instruction came, B & C are NULL

Some days only B instruction came, A & C are NULL

Some days only C instruction came, A & B are NULL

Some days A & B instruction came, C is NULL

Some days A & C instruction came, B is NULL and so on…..


But, I need to create the dashboard for A, B & C as final result. Wherever the instruction not came, those Variable marked as ‘0’.


Table 1  Table 2 
VariableConstant VariableConstant
A1 A1
A3 A3
A5 A5
B1 C5
B2 C6
B3 C7
Dashboard 1  Dashboard 2 
A9 A9
B6 B0
C18 C18
13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

A potential solution attached using a join to find missing data and then a union to add back in missing data (e.g. a right outer join)

Joe Lipski
8 - Asteroid

Thank you @Joe_Lipski for the solution... To make 1 more step in it.

Now, I have below set data... How to create this...


VariableTypes VariableTypes    
AType 1 AType 1    
AType 2 AType 2    
AType 3 AType 3    
BType 1 CType 1    
BType 2 CType 2    
BType 1 CType 3    
CType 1       
CType 2       
CType 3       
VariableType 1Type 2Type 3 VariableType 1Type 2Type 3
A111 A111
B210 B000
C111 C111
13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

You will need to use the Cross-Tab tool in this scenario.


Update attached and you can vote on the idea here of allowing a count in a cross-tab tool with non numerical values as this would have removed the need for the formula:



Joe Lipski
8 - Asteroid

Thank you.. @Joe_Lipski