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Chart Tool Missing

7 - Meteor
I recently installed Designer with Predictive Tools. It is the desktop admin version 18.3. Under reports there is no Chart Tool.

I have uninstalled twice, and still no go. Microsoft R client is installed. I cleared the cache before reinstalling.

Has anyone else seen this before?
7 - Meteor
Thank you so much. I was confused because it is in the training video that I was watching.

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17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Alteryx is always seeking to improve their tools. Sometimes, this means a new tool is created and the old tool is deprecated (flagged as an old version and scheduled for future removal). When a tool is deprecated, an orange bar will appear at the bottom of the tool icon. 







I know that the Chart tool was deprecated in version 10.6 (released 07/2016) with the Charting tool available as the replacement. The Charting tool has also been deprecated at this point and is replaced by the Interactive Chart tool.


If you would like an alternative option for graphing, I suggest producing graphs in the R tool. 

8 - Asteroid

If you want it is still possible to access Deprecated tools. If you right click in the tool bar there will be a menu option to show them. The obvious caveat to that is that Alteryx no longer considers them supported so it's a use at your own risk situation.