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Browse tool: Chart not available for this data type

7 - Meteor

Since having updated Alteryx Designer from 2018.3 to 2019.2 the Browse tool returns the error message "Chart not available for this data type" for all my columns and data types. 

Even on old workflows where it worked under 2018.3


What am I missing?




Alteryx screenshot.png

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

On the surface, there's no reason the profile should be unavailable for a byte field. Perhaps there's a record/resource limit? Try a sample of a few hundred rows and see if the profiling works.

10 - Fireball

I just encountered this issue trying to profile 1 Million records of data. Surely Alteryx can handle that volume, I would think. So I too am wondering what is going on with this...


Edit: I should clarify that this occurred on 60 different fields, including a variety of non-spatial data types.

7 - Meteor

I did some further testing.

It seems that the issue only appears for larger datasets.


For numeric variable types:

- For small datasets it plots the values directly "by Record #". Cf. below for 10'000 lines

- For medium datasets it plots the frequency graph. Cf. below for 100'000 lines

- For large datasets (> 1m ?) it seems to attempt again to plot the graphic "by Record #", which understandably fails


Similar behaviour for string types, where it also attemps to plot "by Record #", even though for all other sizes it always produces the frequency graph

Int 10kInt 10kInt 100kInt 100kInt 1m.png


String 100kString 100kString 1mString 1m

6 - Meteoroid

Any resolution to this, I am also experiencing this as an issue. Even with a very manageable amount of data, browse tool only represents "Chart not available for this data type". 

8 - Asteroid

 I also get this problem for a 1.3M rows dataset.

6 - Meteoroid

Have you been able to resolve this issue? 

7 - Meteor

I was told that their has been a voluntary change in the behaviour of the Browse tool, putting a limit on the data volume accepted (for stability reasons). However there is a bug, leading to a wrong error message being displayed.


I am still in discussion, as I am having the same issues even on small datasets (< 50MB). Also for me the tool is very unstable for integer and byte datatypes.

5 - Atom

I am facing the same issue on version 2019.2 and 2019.3.

My dataset is only 580 K record ! .. something is wrong definitely 

7 - Meteor

I was told that a correction is planned for 2019.4