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Alteryx 11 Performance Issues

7 - Meteor

I upgraded to Alteryx 11 (from 10.6) this week and it is behaving extremely slow.  Every click takes about 10-30 seconds to respond.  When I deactivate a tool it takes 15 seconds for Alteryx to catch up.  Is this happening for others as well?


EDIT: I realize I am providing a minimal amount of information but i am thinking the Sharepoint tool is contributing to the performance.  Is anyone having issues with the Sharepoint input tool?

7 - Meteor

How does one de-link macros? Im not sure what the steps are for that. I have all macro's in a common sub folder.

11 - Bolide

Hi @ralph2048


IF hte folder is on a network drive, move the folder onto your local harddisk. 


You can then go to: 


Options > User Setting > Edit User Settings. 


In here you will see 6 tabs. Choose the Macros Tab. 


You can then add and remove folders here to search for your macros. 





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7 - Meteor

I see it - - looks like the macros are already on the local hard drive - A good thing to know anyhow - thanks for your help.