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Alteryx 11 Performance Issues

7 - Meteor

I upgraded to Alteryx 11 (from 10.6) this week and it is behaving extremely slow.  Every click takes about 10-30 seconds to respond.  When I deactivate a tool it takes 15 seconds for Alteryx to catch up.  Is this happening for others as well?


EDIT: I realize I am providing a minimal amount of information but i am thinking the Sharepoint tool is contributing to the performance.  Is anyone having issues with the Sharepoint input tool?

7 - Meteor

I have same issues. Not that bad, but from user experience perspective it is SLOW!!!

especially search/find tool, and sometimes working with workflows where is an error.



8 - Asteroid

I updated from 10.6 to 11.0 this week as well. The overall performance is fine for me except one recurring issue: When I use the new search tool, quite often the system seems to freeze for 30 to 60 seconds (showing a message a the very top: system is not responding). Then working again fine.


@ulrich_schumann @Martin_Bosak

The new search functionality in Alteryx 11 is a global search that searches locally for tools but also the community and the help documents online. As such this could be impacted by your internet connection. 

Henriette Haigh
Technical Product Manager - Data Connectors
Alteryx, Inc.

7 - Meteor



I don't understand,...

this is BAD user experience. It freezes (this can't happen for a program even it is touching the Internet)


whatever is my internet connection - it would be good, that application would not freeze out.  

It is crucial for normal work to see local results immediately as before.  I was using this search tool extensively in the previous version, now I can't. 


The same for clicking on tools on canvas when there is any error in workflow (sometimes without an error) - freezing for a few seconds. - what about this? 

Some actions really takes  far more time than before - and this is a showstopper for developer. (especially when the speed 'was' greatest advanced of alteryx). 

This can't happen for developer tool.


and it is not due to internet connection.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thank you for the additional information @Martin_Bosak. We've escalated this issue to our Product Management team, who is investigating further. I apologize for the less than ideal experience, and will make sure we provide an update as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience.

11 - Bolide

New Global Search feature is causing some major development delays and lag on our systems; particularly virtual machines/servers that are isolated from the internet, accessed via RDP/VPN, etc.


Anyway to disable Global Search feature?  This would be a nice/required feature for our Alteryx user base that is used to getting quick access to tools via the old Search functionality.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

FYI...I was hoping that it might be connected to the User Settings (Advanced Tab) where you can set the Help Source to "Offline".

It doesn't appear that affects the Search functionality.

It would make sense for that setting to apply to both (since if you want Help to be Offline, you probably want the Search Offline as well.

11 - Bolide

First thing I tried too Rod!  Great minds think alike.

5 - Atom

We just installed version 11 too and are noticing the same unresponsiveness as described above.  10-20 seconds for dialog boxes to open.