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We’re not kitten around, June saw some amazing people contribute to the Community! We would like to highlight these users by relating them to some of our favorite cat breeds! ( And no, this was not written by CatGPT)


New User Spotlight



  Source: Unsplash



This month, we would like to highlight @Buddhi_DB for their hard work and dedication to Community immediately after creating their account! Whether that’s marking solutions, giving likes, authoring solutions, or replying to others, this user has shown what a true Maverick can do right out of the gates of Community.


Problem solvers – Most solutions




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Abyssinian cats are regarded as one of the smartest breeds of cats. Some believe Abyssinian cats are the "sacred cats of Egyptian Pharaohs"; we better know them for their problem-solving, curiosity, puzzle-solving, and detective work. If our problem solvers ever related to a cat, it would be the Abyssinian.


Top 3 users of June

@Raj – 39 solutions authored 

@binuacs - 30 solutions authored

@Bren_Spill  – 16 solutions authored


Solutions Savant – Most solutions accepted




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Anyone who owns an orange cat (myself included) can tell you that they are a very interesting breed. My orange cat always cares about what I’m doing and always needs to be involved and engaged. These users remind me of orange cats in the way that they go above and beyond in the Community to be involved in any way possible. These users love to benefit others and reward them for their hard work and we thank them.


Top 3 users of June

@PassION_es & @shancmiralles  – tied at 9 solutions marked

@Oskido – 8 solutions marked


Conversation Starter – Threads Started




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Bengal cats are intelligent, athletic cats that see a tall object and make it their life goal to get to the top of that object. I feel that these three users and a Bengal cat would get along very well, bonding over their shared curiosity and willingness to do whatever possible to achieve what they set out to do.


Top 3 users of June

@saachitalwar & @Kaish – tied at 10 threads

@KamenRider  – 9 threads


Prolific Posters – Most Replies




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Siamese cats tend to have a reputation for being very vocal and very curious. Both of these tendencies seem to line up well with the users that posted the most replies this June. Like the Siamese cat, these users have a natural curiosity for life and are always looking for new friends and people to share ideas and thoughts with.


Top 3 users of June

@Raj – 220 replies (!!!)

@binuacs  –131 replies

@apathetichell – 128 replies



Peer reviewed – Most likes received




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The Maine Coon cat has everything a cat should have; big paws, big ears, soft fur, fluffy tail. While I’m not saying our users with the most likes look like the cat above, I think they share a similar “all-in-one package” type deal going on. Just like it would be impossible not to pet a Maine Coon, it’s also seemingly impossible not to leave a like on these users’ posts when you see them throughout the Community


Top 3 users of June

@simonaubert_bd  – 220 likes 😱

@Qiu– 63 likes

@binuacs – 60 likes



As always, thank you to everyone that did or didn't make the list. Here is also an obligatory picture of my cat:





See ya next time!