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It's finally spooky season and right now, the Community team is excited for the new Hocus Pocus 2. So excited that we decided to make it the theme of this month's blog. One thing that is not a bunch of hocus pocus? Our Community highlights and releases this month!



Need to Know


We’ve been making updates to the user profile page recently and are excited to say we have even more new features for users to enjoy on that front. We’ve updated the Favorites functionality to now have sorting capabilities when users have over 13 posts and can access the Favorites Post Page. Now you can sort between All Content, Discussions, Ideas, Blogs & Podcasts, Knowledge Base and Gallery. Users can also now favorite replies on most board types, and the favorite button has been updated to a nice little star next to the likes. 




We also are happy to share the new certification system that displays user's current and past certifications, so they can share their achievements with other users via their profile page. This new display includes all current Community certifications, though to our fantastic partners who took their exams before June 16th 2022, we’re working on getting your exams included as well and we’ll be having that added soon. 




Finally, we’ve updated our Recent Activity system on the profile page to have better shorting, new filtering and a more robust view of your engagement across the community. Users will now be able to switch between tabs for Discussions, Ideas, Blogs and Gallery items, as well as filter on which have more likes, and for Discussions those that have solutions. 




Community News 


Inspire EMEA is 2 weeks away and we are so excited to see Alteryx Community members in person. Definitely check out the Community hub areas while you are at Inspire to say hello, learn more about what's happening on the community and grab some swag!   


Our incredible User Group Leaders hosted 18 meetings in September and we are getting ready for an amazing Q4. Don't forget to check out our User Group Meetings Calendar and join the User Groups that are relevant to you to stay up to date in current and future meetings.  


We are excited to announce that we have a Machine Learning Micro-Credential and Server Administration certification coming soon! Stay tuned for more information on both of those.  


Loved this Hocus Pocus theme and want more Halloween fun? We will be hosting a Halloween scavenger hunt on the Community this year with lots of ghosts and candy corn to be found. Keep an eye out for more information in the next few weeks for our Alteryx Community Halloween Party! 


Read and Listen (and Watch) 


The blog had something for everyone in September. If you didn’t know you should be using In-Database tools, now you know. @MeganDibble schools us in the power of batch reporting. And we have a couple of new tutorials for each of our cloud products: Alteryx Machine Learning (Average Joes: College Football Predictions & How to Predict Late Payments with Machine Learning) and Alteryx Auto Insights (Auto Insights: Working With an Imperfect Use Case & Track the Spread of Monkeypox Using Auto Insights). 


Listen to Ian Wiggins and Mike Cusic discuss why resources need to be available to set foundational skills in order to make analytics truly accessible to everyone on the latest Alter Everything podcast. 


And watch our new Designer Tips and Tricks videos. So far we’ve covered Designing and Organizing Your Workspace and Easter Eggs; we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks. 




That was a lot of Community news to take in and we cannot wait to see so many of you at Inspire EMEA and share more updates in person. Until then, I hope this has given you enough info to keep from running amok, amok, amok, amok! I'll see you all again next month for another spooky edition of the highlights and release blog for October.