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Happy Groundhog Day, Alteryx Community!


It seems like it was just yesterday that we were releasing v3.0. Wait...maybe it was? This all seems so familiar? Hmmmm.


Anyway, our latest community release was completed just in time to kick off February, and sets the tone for what's to come in 2017: an enhanced Alteryx experience with more training and centralized access to helpful resources.


Live Training


Live Training comes to Community! Browse our ever-growing library of recorded instructor-led, training sessions focused on practical use cases. There's nearly 35 hours of videos there today, with more on the way.



In the coming months we'll be building even more knowledge and learning resources to help you get the most out of your usage of Alteryx. Stay tuned!


Hone Your Skills, Earn New Badges


The Weekly Challenges are heating up and we've got some cool new Mt Everest themed badges for those that are willing to make the climb. Gamification is already under way for previously completed challenges and we'll be rewarding your ongoing efforts towards of the end of each week. See you at the summit!  









User Groups Get More Invite-y


User Groups are taking off! By popular demand, group members can now invite other community members to join groups they are part of. Navigate to your group and click the big, blue "INVITE MEMBERS" button. It's like watering a blossoming plant, but with people.


Default Spellchecker Change: Browser Power


All of our members are masters of language and never make any spelling mistakes. </spellcheckers>


In all seriousness, we've received a lot of feedback about the spellchecking experience in the community compose window. Most modern browsers have great spellcheckers built-in that you know, love, and already use on sites across the web. They're also updated frequently and work automatically as you type rather than having to click to see misspelled words. As such, we've disabled our spellchecker and your browser's spellchecker will do its thing.


Meet the Community Team


Just like our vibrant community, the team managing day to day activities has grown exponentially over the past year to better support you and continue improving your experience.  We recently shared our appreciation for their hard work on Community Manager Appreciation Day, and you can now get to know them better via our updated Meet the Alteryx Community Team page, and learn fun facts by watching their rapid fire 30 seconds Community Confessions videos!


Our latest addition and awesome new Community Manager @LeahK will take the lead on overseeing day-to-day operations, so don't hesitate to reach out to welcome her or ask her for help if needed.


We're Supportive


Support information can now be accessed via Alteryx Resources in the left-hand navigation. We'll be evolving this page over time to include even more ways that you can get answers to your burning Alteryx questions.


Other Stuff 


We took another pass at UI enhancements for community search, updates to the document viewer, and bug fixes. Thanks for letting us know when you see gremlins - we'll keep on it!