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Community news, customer stories, and more!
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Tis' the season to be thankful, and we have much to be grateful for on the Alteryx Community!


In less than 3 months since the community relaunch, we've seen passionate customers, partners and employees come together to create +3500 new posts and nearly 400 solutions, which have been viewed 25k times. Needless to say, this community takes our breath away everyday, and it has been a true delight to watch the steady growth, collaboration and success stories surface daily. Thank you all for your return visits, help & support in making this community a success!


On our end, we have committed to continually improving your experience and have made many improvements over the past few months, which you can see in our Version History. Here are some of the most notable ones that were rolled out just last night in version 2.2:



We've Achieved Escape Velocity and Are No Longer in Beta! 


This community is a rocket ship on an incredible trajectory and the beta tag was no longer needed. Thanks for hanging with us while we ironed out the bugs!



Updated Sign In and Registration Experience


We've updated the look and feel of the Sign In and Registration page to better match our aestetic and provide a better overall experience.




A Getting Started Guide for New Users 


Sometimes it can be difficult to get started in a new community. We've gathered a great list of resources from around the site to help users hit the ground running in a Getting Started guide. We'll be evolving the guide over time, so bookmark it for easy access when you need it.


@Mention Capabilities Expanded to More Users


You might have seen some of us beta testing @mentions across the community. We're happy to announce that going forward, community members who have achieved the rank of Asteroid and higher will be able to make use of this handy feature to call upon experts and other users. 




Simply start by typing the @ symbol followed by the name of the user you wish to summon, then choose their name from the list. That's it! Users @mentioned will recieve a notification.


Enhanced Stars Image States


Thanks to an idea by our very own @chris_love, we've adjusted the way that Stars behave in the community for clarity and usability.




New Blog Authors Bio Widget on Blog Articles


We've introduced a fancy new biography widget on all blog posts so you know that the content you're reading is legit.


Blog Author.png



General Design Tweaks and Enhancements


As always, we sweat the small stuff and have made a bunch of tweaks to make the everyday experience of using the community better.


Check back often for new features and enhancements!


Have a great idea of how we can improve the community? Let us know in the Suggestions For Our Community area.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Awesome work by everyone involved, as always. Thanks to all of our members as well for their contributions. We're so proud of the community!