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Hello Alteryx Community!


My name is Shannon Emery and I manage the ACE Program here on the Alteryx Community. I am excited to blog for the first time and introduce you to our new Inspire Presentations board so you can view some sessions you may have missed at Inspire. 


To get the board started, our ACE's presentations are now available for viewing. That is right! All of that goodness is ready for your viewing with one simple click.


While I do not play favorites, I have to say these all sound interesting and I will be lining up a few to watch.


Check it out:





Andrew Kim @andrewdatakim  Brick & Mortar vs Online, a Tale of Two Levees In retail, there are two giants trying to drive sales: the physical stores and e-commerce. Each has their own datasets that they're able to collect from customers, but which one will win in the end? We'll take a deep dive into the types of analysis that you can conduct using Alteryx Predictive tools to see if there are any cracks in either of these dataset levees. By the end of this session, we hope you will have some predictive ideas of your own.
Alberto 'AJ' Guisande @Aguisande 
Mark Frisch @MarqueeCrew 
"AI" Your Noise Into Actions AI made easy! Level up your skills and find out how to pull the good stuff out from all your unstructured data. In this session, learn how to use Alteryx to transform your work with an AI-assisted advantage.
Timothy Willins @T_Willins  A Macro Conundrum A macro conundrum — how to batch and iterate at the same time! See how Alteryx enabled matching store ranking and demand to available inventory while avoiding over allocating SKUs.
Mark Frisch @MarqueeCrew  To RegEx or Not to RegEx? That Is the Question RegEx questions abound in the Alteryx Community. So how do you know when to use RegEx and when not to? Plus, what resources and learning tools are available? This session explores this age-old question and gives you practical advice on when to use RegEx.
Charlie Squyers @CharlieS  Error Messages Are Data. Data Is good. Everyone using Alteryx Designer will inevitably encounter errors. Error messages give us data — and that data is useful! This session discusses how to get the most use out of error messages to improve processes and avoid unintended outcomes with defensive design.
John Hollingsworth @Hollingsworth  Data Is the New Oil. Come Wildcat for Geospatial Crude Learn about the landscape of free spatial data sources available on the web and an explanation of how to access and consume them. This will start with public domain data available from US federal, state, and local sources. This session will also discuss a set of macros written by the presenter that scrape web map sites for data that is viewable/searchable but not published as complete datasets (e.g., property parcel data). The macros discussed will be available for download after the session.
Esther Bezborodko @estherb47 
Joe Lipski @Joe_Lipski 
Speed Tips: 20 Tips in 20 Minutes Join 2 Alteryx ACEs (Esther Bezborodko and Joe Lipski) for a fast-paced exciting session of tips & tricks, shortcuts, timesavers, performance improvements and more. Anything is game, but the clock is ticking, can they beat their target of 20 tips in 20 minutes? Regardless of your skill level, you're sure to learn something new!
Jarrod Thuener @jarrod  Eenie Meenie Miney Macro Stop repeating yourself and make the process into a macro. But which one is best to use? What makes a good macro? Learn more about each of the 3 main types of macros while focusing on when to use each. Also learn a few tips to up your macro game.
Chris Goodman @cgoodman3 
Joshua Burkhow @joshuaburkhow 
A Short Introduction to the Power of Design Patterns in Alteryx This session is brought to you by Joshua Burkow and Chris Goodman who are both Alteryx ACEs and co-authors of the popular Alteryx Blog If you like many others have been trying to master all the individual tools in Alteryx and its felt a lot like climbing up a hill in a snowstorm during an avalanche then you are at the right session! Join us as Joshua and Chris walk you through how thinking about design patterns and shifting from a developer mindset to an architect mindset can be used to improve the repeatability and effectiveness of your workflows and take you into the stratosphere of expert level Alteryx!
Brian Smith
Gary Gruccio @ggruccio 
Signet Jewelers — Developing Best-in-Class Reporting Workflows and Apps Efficiency in reporting is the name of the game! Join Signet Jewelers for this overview/training of how they implemented reporting tools in Alteryx to gain efficiencies in their documentation and mapping, freeing up talent to work on more valuable tasks. This includes publishing analytical apps on the Alteryx Server, an overview of the traditional reporting and mapping tools, and examples based on new features like Visual Layout and Mapbox integration. These tools are too powerful to ignore!
Nicole Johnson @NicoleJohnson  Creating a Custom SQL Query Builder App This session features a demonstration on how you can use a few basic interface tools to create a user-friendly app that will build out a customized SQL query based on the user’s app selections — great for those who are looking to provide “no-code” options for end users to query the data they need from your organization’s databases!
Michael Barone @mbarone  Extracting From Mongo & Building a Custom Gallery Usage Report

While the Alteryx Server Usage Report that can be downloaded from the Licensing Portal is a treasure trove of information for Server Usage, sometimes you just want something short and sweet with minimal overhead (for both processing time, resources, and output storage).


See how to use the Mongo Input tools in a scheduled module to pull and store Gallery App usage information (app name, run length, run end time, user, and user entered app interface values). Because users can delete their app results, and because you may have your Server set to erase app results on a regular cadence (like every 30 days), it’s important to pull the app results info often. The low-overhead module can run every five minutes. The results can be queried and reported on. The end result is an on-demand report that you can run in the Gallery. It compiles all the app information for apps that have run and presents that information in a consolidated way.


Some advanced tools used:
• Mongo Input
• JSON Parse
• Service Data Parser Macro
• Reg Ex tools (including XML Parse Tool)

Joseph Serpis @JosephSerpis 
Charlotte Earps @Inactive User 
Andy Bates
Integrated APA Through OCR at Brookson Brookson showcases the rapid time-to value Alteryx and the Intelligence Suite have provided for OCR document extraction and intelligent automation for use cases including bulk processing.
Samantha Hughes @Samanthaj_hughes  Smashing Geocoding With Alteryx Come and see a spatial step-by-step guide to building a geocode in Alteryx.


Share what presentation you are most excited to watch in the comments below or click that like as a way to cheer not only our ACEs for sharing but anyone else who did Inspire sessions. It is a lot of work and always well worth celebrating.


Check back on the Inspire Presentations board by navigating to Groups & Events > Inspire Presentations, as we'll be adding more customer and Alteryx presentations over the coming weeks.