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Extracting From Mongo & Building a Custom Gallery Usage Report



Title: Extracting From Mongo & Building a Custom Gallery Usage Report

Presenter: Michael Barone

Abstract: While the Alteryx Server Usage Report that can be downloaded from the Licensing Portal is a treasure trove of information for Server Usage, sometimes you just want something short and sweet with minimal overhead (for both processing time, resources, and output storage).


See how to use the Mongo Input tools in a scheduled module to pull and store Gallery App usage information (app name, run length, run end time, user, and user entered app interface values). Because users can delete their app results, and because you may have your Server set to erase app results on a regular cadence (like every 30 days), it’s important to pull the app results info often. The low-overhead module can run every five minutes. The results can be queried and reported on. The end result is an on-demand report that you can run in the Gallery. It compiles all the app information for apps that have run and presents that information in a consolidated way.


Some advanced tools used:
• Mongo Input
• JSON Parse
• Service Data Parser Macro
• Reg Ex tools (including XML Parse Tool)

7 - Meteor

This was a very helpful tutorial to get started with some custom usage reports.  Thank you!

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Thank you @smysnbrg , I appreciate you letting me know!