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A Short Introduction to the Power of Design Patterns in Alteryx



Title: A Short Introduction to the Power of Design Patterns in Alteryx

Presenter: Joshua Burkow & Chris Goodman

Abstract: This session is brought to you by Joshua Burkow and Chris Goodman who are both Alteryx ACEs and co-authors of the popular Alteryx Blog If you like many others have been trying to master all the individual tools in Alteryx and its felt a lot like climbing up a hill in a snowstorm during an avalanche then you are at the right session! Join us as Joshua and Chris walk you through how thinking about design patterns and shifting from a developer mindset to an architect mindset can be used to improve the repeatability and effectiveness of your workflows and take you into the stratosphere of expert level Alteryx!

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6 - Meteoroid

Thanks, Joshua and Chris for pointing out the importance of using patterns in workflows. And indeed it is more than moving parts of the code to a macro. You have to start thinking in (micro or macro) solution patterns and when you encounter them move them into their own component be it a container, a macro, or another way to encapsulate them for re-use later.

It reminds me of class design in the old days of coding. And you can build a domain-specific library of visual parts for your own be it a department, a company, or an enterprise. Increasing the value Alteryx brings even more.

10 - Fireball

This is worth its weight in gold. 

12 - Quasar

Really useful and very interesting.