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Discussion on the future after ADAPT

7 - Meteor

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is safe and enjoying ADAPT.


I wanted to discuss about the career prospects after ADAPT. I just wanted to know from people who have been taking the course,the ones that have completed the course,the benefited learners and the experts. What would be the career opportunities for the ones who have completed the ADAPT?


One who don't have other knowledge in data science and have started stepping to it through ADAPT,would those be able to get work,internships, online jobs or internships just after completing this course?


Or is it the course which would lay the foundation and the learners should start learning other aspects after completing ADAPT to be able to get some work.


And what is the prospect of online internships or jobs in this field or even through Alteryx ?



I hope it would bring positive discussions and response.




8 - Asteroid

@Paul123 from @htrivedi123  - like minds think alike, that's evident from our user names 🙂


I have some experience with Data analysis in the past but nothing to the scale of anyone who would identify themselves as "Data scientist". So I am pretty much is the same boat as you are.


However I think the program completion itself is another milestone in the journey. My thought process so far has been that I will continue to move forward and get Advanced certification as that is what most employers seems to look for. 


It might pay to create couple of real-life projects to go along with your resume using Alteryx and prove your skillset that way. That's the path I am taking right now..


Hope this is helpful,



7 - Meteor

@htrivedi123 its great hearing you. For me I havent had any past experiences as this is my first step I took in data science with no knowledge before it. Now in the course of learning(in week 3) , I was curious whether this course could yield me a proper internship or job, or stepping this base i should start learning data science further to make a mark.


 Thanks for your positive response!



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @Paul123  and @htrivedi123,


Great conversation, as I'm sure you want to see some practical benefit from taking the courses and all the time invested!


@Paul123, since you are just starting out in data science, I agree with @htrivedi123 that obtaining Alteryx certification is a great way to start, because the employers who use Alteryx do desire that from their existing employees.  Your prospects of landing a job/internship/online job probably will rely on more than completing this course and certifications, but it certainly is a great start!  For instance, do you have a degree, other work experience? If so, many employers will be looking for the college degree and work experience to start with and then likely more specific qualifications like training in specific data science techniques/packages. 


If you do not already have a Linkedin account, starting one would be a great way to find out about current job openings both within your geographic area and working remotely. From the postings you can learn which employers are looking for Alteryx skills and what other skill sets are desired.  It will also help you to start a professional network that you can reach out to with questions about various companies/job openings/other online training resources etc.


Realistically if you are just starting out in your career, you would most likely be looking at an entry-level analyst position, which still may pay well and yield you significant opportunity to grow.  Sometimes this may even be at a company that does not currently use Alteryx, but you could become the "change agent" within that company.  Many companies have outdated and very slow data and analytic processes, and therefore Alteryx can be a game-changer.


Wishing you best wishes along the way!  Feel free to respond or mail me at @ggruccio if you would like to discuss further!


7 - Meteor

@ggruccio great to see your response. Yes I was looking for its prospect as a learner and implement it after I complete learning in some sort of work online but I am also getting that this can be a base for entering to learn about this field.Though I need more time to complete ,but what would you think would be good to do after completing the course?

Like what should I learn further or what could be the path ahead.

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Great comments so far @Paul123@htrivedi123, and @ggruccio!


@Paul123 - I cannot agree more with @ggruccio! This is a great launching point for your new journey! The ADAPT program will teach you a great foundation to build upon and many entry level roles will like seeing you have some types of certifications (especially if they already use Alteryx). Definitely start a LinkedIn profile as well! It has helped me grow my professional network, learn new things, and identify new things I should look into!


Continue to use and grow your skills with Alteryx post-ADAPT! Weekly challenges, the rest of the academy section, and the knowledge section are great (some excellent blogs out there too!). Beyond Alteryx, if you are looking to break into the data science space, look into learning more about statistics and how to interpret graphs and outcomes from models. There are many great courses out there on Data Science on Coursera, Udemy, PluralSight, among many others.


In my experience, one thing you will also want to focus on is wrangling and cleaning data. Many companies right now are struggling with numerous sources of data and querying their own database seems to cause problems for many users. Taking courses on querying data in SQL is a great starting point.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out!

7 - Meteor

@cplewis90 great to see your response! 

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @Paul123 


I agree with @cplewis90 - SQL is a great place to start!  I would also suggest looking at Tableau, because being able to communicate the results of your analysis goes hand-in-hand with doing the analysis itself.  Tableau is able to produce some great interactive visualizations!  (Plus it is relatively easy to learn!)


If you are looking into program languages, R and/or Python can supplement your Alteryx experience very well.  Both can be integrated inside Alteryx.

9 - Comet

I already have a background in tech, so ADAPT is a major upskill for me. I've decided to move into Software Development, so Predictive Analytics will be my specialty. 


I plan on looking further into Predictive Analytics as well as check out Artificial Intelligence. These are my strongest interests.