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Just passed the Core Certification! Excited about starting the Udacity nanodegree program

7 - Meteor

I just passed the Core certification exam on my second try. Super excited about starting the Udacity nanodegree program. Failing the first time definitely helped me understand some topics that I had previously glossed over. 

9 - Comet



What tips do you have for someone who is preparing for this exam?



7 - Meteor

Thank you @LeeiaI ! 

The first time around I didn’t time myself well. Also, I encountered a lot of questions I didn’t expect to see in the exam. I would just say the first attempt was a great learning experience. So maybe take the exam once before you are ready so that you know how to prepare better based on the type of questions you see. 

14 - Magnetar

Congratulations @dikshide ! 


I hope you'll enjoy the nano degree ! 🙂





7 - Meteor

@LeeiaI I also wanted to add that I followed the ADAPT guide for the core certification and solved all the tool related lessons and other challenges. Those helped immensely. Hope you get your certification soon! 

7 - Meteor

Thank you @Jean-Balteryx . Super excited to start the nanodegree!