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9 - Comet

Hi folks... Is there a collective noun for Alteryx users? Alteryi, perhaps?


I'm an analyst with HSBC and have been testing Alteryx for the past three weeks and currently convincing my boss that buying a bunch of licences for my team is a no brainer. I've also applied for an Alteryx for Good licence to help with my role as a school governor, where there's a lot of data to make sense of to make sure you're getting the best results for the money you're spending.


My next aim is to complete the core certification before the end of the year and hopefully start answering more questions than I'm asking in the community!



Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



Welcome to the Alteryx experience. We hope you and your team find Alteryx and the Alteryx Community a useful place. As far as a collective noun for users we don't really have anything official. We typically speak to the overall users as the Alter.Nation.



5 - Atom

What do you think about Alterytes?  

9 - Comet

Good, but I like 'teryxters.


BTW - when I said core certification  by the end of the year, of course I meant end of the week!