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7 - Meteor

Thank you for starting this thread!...A strong, vibrant (and friendly) community makes such a huge difference to getting the most out of any software...


I'm a visualization data analyst with Atheon Analytics (an Alteryx partner) and our mission is to 'humanize data' for our clients. I have 10 years analytics experience, in the retail sector, but have a keen interest in all things data, and have worked on a wide variety of data-sets. I use a mix of statistics and visualizations to get to my end goal of delivering data-driven, understandable, visualized insights. I use Alteryx in conjunction with Tableau, where the 2 tools form a 'perfect marrige'! I'm very active in the Tableau much so that they have made me one of 10 (at time of writing) Tableau Ambassadors Meet the Ambassadors


I've been using Alteryx for around 6 months...and think it's a fantastic addition to my data-arsenal. In the same way FIFA 2016 (Xbox Soccer Game) gives me the ability to sprint past 3 players and blast in a goal from 30 yards (something, very much, not accessible to me in real-life!!), Alteryx gives me the ability to manipulate/re-shape data with the same agility as our DBA and Python developers!


Loving the new look, and really looking forward to learning from all the Alteryx 'Great and Good'!...and hopefully helping out where I can!! 




9 - Comet
9 - Comet

Hi Simon,


I really liked what you wrote, and welcome to the Alteryx community! I love hearing stories of people that have discovered the unbelievable power that can be unleashed when Alteryx and Tableau are combined.  Here is an article I wrote a while ago that discusses this capabilityInnovation through the use of Alteryx + Tableau.






Ken Black
General Motors
7 - Meteor

hi Ken,


Many thanks...and thanks for sharing your blog...a very interesting read. I was especially interested in the definition of 'Anlaytics' section (which, IMHO, is misunderstood by many businesses).


We often encounter a (I'll be nice and refer to it as a!!) 'healthy tension' with our Clients over 'Analytics' vs 'Reporting'. Historically 'Analytics' has spilt out (in my experience anyway) from Finance reporting, and so are often caught between 'visual insights' (which what we've been hired for) and a want for everything to marry up with the 'Single Version of the Truth' (Data Animators - Chasing Rainbows), requiring such (again IMHO!) illogical measures, for analytics purposes, such as YtD (...why do you measure your business on a 4 week/YoY basis in January?, 8 weeks in Feb?...etc.!!)...I'm in the process of writing a blog on the subject (which is why its so prominant in my mind!)....summed up by


"You can't send a bar chart to the Tax man, but equivalently you wouldn't want to determine the thoughts/trends of your customers from your financial statement"

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome @simon_runc, we're delighted to have you join us! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself - I love the analogy of video games as I am a bit of a gamer myself 🙂 Looking forward to the insights you have to share with the community on using Alteryx + Tableau, and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!