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Introduction - CSUF Student

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Hi Alteryx Community,


My name is Christian Santana and I'm a part-time student at CSUF and a staff accountant for a non-profit in Southern California. I'm taking this new accounting class offered at CSUF because it's introducing emerging systems in accounting, such as Alteryx. I wasn't aware that so many different accounting systems existed and was eager to learn more about them. I've been having fun learning Alteryx and look forward on developing my skills with this program!


Thank you,


Christian Santana

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

hi @csantana3, welcome!  It's so great that you work with non-profits.  Check out the Alteryx for Good co-lab for opportunities to use Alteryx to help other non-profits with all kinds of interesting and challenging analytics.  See you around!

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Hi Christian,


I'm currently in Prof. Morris' class learning Alteryx as well. Has Alteryx been beneficial in your career or have you used any of the other softwares that we learned? Thanks!