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Hello Alteryx nerds

5 - Atom

I am becoming an Alteryx nerd too...  I already am an accounting nerd that wants to redirect my career towards data warehouse management, smashing data from various ERP systems in one usable data set. 


I think I have figured out that "Data Science" is too mathy...


I would like to create a CPA/Alteryx/Power BI threesome.


Looking forward to jumping into the discussions.



15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Welcome @Purplehazed !  I like to say that if you are using data to solve complex problems, then you ARE doing Data Science!  Maybe not programming algorithms, but data science nonetheless!  Anyway, I think you'll find Alteryx a great and awesome tool to meet your goals.  Make sure you avail yourself of the various free content in the Academy section!


15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Welcome @Purplehazed !!


To echo what @mbarone wrote, Data Science is more than coding and creating algorithms (as someone who has been staffed on major engagements as a "Data Scientist" without knowing any R or Python). You're well on your way to embracing the wonder of data-nerddom!


Do you have a favorite data warehouse? I'm getting very into Snowflake of late.