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Happy Holidays!

5 - Atom

Greetings and Happy Holidays to everyone!


I just started at Capitalize Analytics as a consultant and I am super excited to start my new journey.  I have worked in BI and Analytics for over 20 years and I have used Alteryx in the past for years at prior employers.  I am eager to see what more there is to learn and start my certification.  Any links, tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated.





Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hi @angelablackburn welcome back to Alteryx! The number one tip for practicing for the Core Cert is to do the Weekly Challenges. Share your solutions and see how other users solved the same challenges. Have fun!

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @angelablackburn,


I would echo what @CristonS says but also don't over think things too much, do some research and preparation but don't put off taking it! I've always said to people the best way to prepare for the exams (Core, Advanced and Expert) is to actually take them, that way you find out what areas you need to work on and brush up in those sections over the next week and you can re-take it.


Personally when I started my journey with Alteryx I failed the Core exam first time round, passed it on the second attempt. When I moved on to Advanced, I failed that the first time round but nailed it the second and the Expert exam I failed on my first attempt but passed it earlier this year on my second! It doesn't make your achievements any less if you fail. I've found every attempt teaches you a huge amount.


Hope that helps!