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File Organization

5 - Atom

I'm an accounting student and also an aspiring music producer. As a student, I can't always find the time to organize my sound files in a way that will be more productive for the future. Is there any way to sort sound files from a hard drive into separate folders based off the length of those sound files using Alteryx? 

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

You can read in the names, location, size, etc., of files using a Directory Tool.  Pull it onto the canvass and just navigate to whatever folder you like and pull in whichever files you like (check out the Tool Mastery Index for the Directory Tool .  You can use a formula tool (again, check it out in the Tool Mastery Index) to create the path where you'd like to move files.


To actually move them, if you have the proper licensing, you can use the Run Command tool to move them.  If you don't have that tool licensed, you can just create the code using an alteryx tool and copy it into a command window (just search for command window on your computer).


Try playing around with reading in the files with that directory tool.  Once you have that, try creating the path where you want them to go using the formula tool.  Then if you have trouble moving them, post back here and we can help you along.