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Challenge #38: Data Blending for Batch Output

7 - Meteor

@asteryx This is what my solution was also. The business user of this report would want to see the product/region names, not "random" numbers.  I couldn't figure out why everyone was using ToString until I opened another workflow and looked at the output file name column.

8 - Asteroid

Ah! - All is clear,

Thanks, @Deliverance .

12 - Quasar

solution attached

5 - Atom

Hi ,


Almost same the solution.

9 - Comet

I'm kind of scratching my head about the field that other people are creating with the formula tool because that field isn't in the sample output. here's my solution -- it matches the output, but doesn't include the additional field that other people are including.

9 - Comet

Ok I think I'm getting it... It's not that the output is the actual output, it's that once these are exported to a csv file, that is what you should be seeing in one file. It's just a coinky dink that that sample output also has 15 rows. Here goes attempt #2

7 - Meteor
7 - Meteor

I just started using this application (love it btw) and here is my solution!

8 - Asteroid

Input/Output tools might by my kryptonite. They trip me up all the time.

8 - Asteroid