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Graduate from University of Warwick

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Manchester, United Kingdom


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Entry level/intern

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Contract, full time, relocate 

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Financial Intern : admin task, financial strategies, budget protection schemes, communication schemes. 

Pharmacist Assistant : handled pharmacists diary, answered calls, service skills. 

Private Tutor.   

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statistics, data analysis. 


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University of Warwick - Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, July 2023 


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Volunteer work in Uganda and India. 

Uganda - multiple charities, fundraising. Visited for 2 weeks  


What have you experienced on your analytics journey that makes you excited about a new career opportunity?

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Transitioning into a career in analytics really excites me, especially considering my strong background in chemistry and lab work. My proficiency in analytical chemistry has equipped me with the skills needed to handle data and derive meaningful insights. I believe these skills can be seamlessly transferred to the analytics field, where data interpretation and problem-solving play a pivotal role. Just as I've tackled intricate challenges in the laboratory, the idea of analyzing data to unveil patterns and trends genuinely intrigues me within the realm of analytics.

The prospect of working with cutting-edge tools and technologies in analytics resonates with my passion for staying up-to-date with the latest advancements. I'm confident that my chemistry background will allow me to bring a fresh perspective to multidisciplinary analytics teams, much like I've collaborated with diverse teams in the lab.

Ultimately, my well-honed analytical skills in a new context and contribute to data-driven decisions holds the promise of both personal fulfillment and making a tangible impact, which is exactly what I'm looking for in this new career journey.

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