Santalytics 2020

Chat, collaborate and share your ideas on how to get Santa's Workshop back up and running!

Welcome to Santalytics 2020 – Save Santa’s Workshop!

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We’re doing things a little bit differently for Santalytics this year in the community – instead of a series of challenges, we’ve got one big ongoing challenge for all members of the Alteryx Community to participate in!


Santa's Workshop is a business.  And like any business, it must be run efficiently to continue operations. Unfortunately, because Santa's time is mostly taken being a spokesperson and delivery driver (not to mention reading letters from kids with horrendous spelling), their business processes have fallen by the wayside.


Luckily, Mrs. Claus has stepped in to manage the operations on the business side of things (she can only bake cookies for so long). But she needs help streamlining and optimizing the business, as it is in complete disarray. Mrs. Claus needs the help of the Alteryx Community to propose Analytic Apps and Use Cases to help get the workshop back on track.


That’s where you come in! We need your help to provide Analytic Apps and Use Cases to help Mrs. Claus make sense of the business.  We’ve provided a few jumping off points if you’re just getting started with Analytic Apps, but we want to keep this open to ALL of your use cases for apps in the Alteryx ecosystem (you don’t have to use the data sets that we’ve provided, any and all are welcome). Let your creativity shine here, if you want to repurpose or submit an app that you’ve already been working on, that’s great! If you want to build something entirely new, that’s great too! The sky’s the limit here and we want to see everything you’ve got.


Now, we know this isn’t necessarily a small task to complete, so we’re giving you until December 31st to submit your entry to the contest. And we’ve also decided that we’d like to sweeten the pot a little bit as well to bring in some friendly competition. Everyone that participates in Santalytics will get this snazzy badge for their community profile!




Then, once the contest closes, a judging panel will review all submissions to select our winners, who will have the opportunity to choose from a list of charities to receive a donation in their name!  So you’re not only helping Mrs. Claus out, you’ll be assisting actual human beings that need it.


The organizations that we will be making donations to are OzHarvest and Integrate Health. OzHarvest works to reduce food waste and eliminate hunger, and is the leading food rescue organization in Australia.  Integrate Health works internationally to end preventable diseases and maternal deaths in Togo.


Below you’ll find some links to contest resources within the hub’s Knowledge Base, so if you need to reference those, they should be easy to find.


We can’t wait to see what you all come up with to bring Santa’s Workshop into the modern world and make sure it runs the way it should to get all those gifts made, shipped, and delivered! If you have any questions, post them in the Santalytics Forum and we’ll be sure to answer you!


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Will Machin
Community Management Team Lead
7 - Meteor

cool challenge! looking forward to participating!

7 - Meteor

I came across this challenge today.

Looking forward to submit my idea.