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The story you have been waiting for: Introducing Alteryx User Group Mumbai!

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Data enthusiasts across India are increasingly adopting Alteryx to solve their everyday data challenges to drive efficiency in their organizations. A growing enthusiasm towards Alteryx coupled with a rapidly flourishing Alteryx user base paves an ideal stage for the expansion of the Alteryx community in India.


Post the success of the Bengaluru Alteryx User Group, Bengaluru AUG leads – Yug Muley ( @ydmuley ), Subrat Das ( @SubratDas5 ), Ravi Kumar ( @nravik )  have been working very closely with the Mumbai Alteryx enthusiasts to discover the right passion for the community and after spending a considerable amount of time, we are proud to launch the Alteryx User Group in Mumbai. Mumbai user group will be working closely with the Bengaluru User Group and will stick to all the best practices and principles followed by the Bengaluru User Group. The vision of the AUG Mumbai chapter is to connect Alteryx enthusiasts across the region, drive innovation through Alteryx, share best practices across the community and more importantly support each other to become a better version of themselves. The core belief at AUG Mumbai is that at the heart of every successful initiative is a strong knit network of exuberant individuals who understand the problem, knows how to solve it, and are committed to bringing a change in the larger community. The team to lead the Mumbai user group comprises Moinak ( @ImMoinak94 ), Rahul ( @rahulm2908 ), Apoorva ( @apoorvashetty ), and Dhaval ( @dhavaldoshi )


In line with our efforts to give back to the community, we are also glad to launch the Alteryx for Good India - Mumbai chapter, a natural extension of the Bangalore hub with a shared vision to drive impact nationally. Alteryx for Good India chapter was officially launched in March 2018. Since then, the initiative has gained strong momentum across India and has provided individuals a strong incentive to be a part of the cause. In a short timeline, the initiative has successfully accomplished several milestones and brought smiles to numerous faces.


In the launch event of 30th October 2020, we had the privilege to welcome a few eminent members of the AFG community who shared their valuable experiences with Alteryx for Good and the breath-taking impact the initiative had on the lives of individuals across multiple facets of society. The event was led by Subrat who introduced the agenda of the event to the participants and initiated the fireside chat with our esteemed guests.


Palak ( @palakjindal ), an Alteryx excellence award winner, shared her enriching experience with Sneha home care, the first-ever charity onboarded on the AFG India platform. As a charity dedicated to providing a healthy, safe educational environment for the less privileged children, it is pertinent for the staff to dedicate much-needed attention to kids. But with limited resources, a significant part of their time was increasingly spent on manual tasks which not only cost a significant amount of money but also deprived kids of the much-needed attention. An AFG volunteer team worked together to ease out the burden of the charity, which in turn, resulted in increased time dedicated towards the kids. Her vision for the NGO together with the efforts of the AFG team touched multiple hearts and will continue to impact multiple lives in the times to come. To relive the memories, please visit us here


As the country strives towards a digital economy, the influence of data in decision making cannot be ignored anymore. In an effort to upskill the young generation of India, Jerrin ( @jerrin ), CEO at Nu-Pie Management Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd and a faculty at the Christ University in the Silicon Valley of India shared his experience of how leveraging Alteryx to compliment his classroom teachings has massively helped the students to relate the learnings in the practical world. As the demand for data grew, Alteryx has gained stronger recognition in the world of data science and analytics. Training students and prepping them for a challenging job market has never been so easy. With the support of the AFG team, students are now ever ready for a challenging job market and are more employable in the industry as they piggyback on their practical knowledge of the dynamic analytics industry.


Identity crisis is a unique and challenging problem but more importantly, a lack of identity imposes a threat to our very existence in a modern world that is increasingly driven on digital platforms. Our next speaker, Vinod, the founder of Sai Krishna Trust, highlighted a challenge that plagued the charity. He shared an inspiring story of how the initiative has helped the charity become a pro-technology trust and helped it step into the digital world. Read the impact story here


“It is truly amazing to see multiple hands joining together to make lives better for everyone around them.”  ~ Subrat Das 


The Mumbai arm of the initiative is built on a strong foundation established by the Bangalore chapter with a similar focus to drive impact. The chapter shares a common vision of the AFG global initiative and is a step forward to boost the presence in India. It focuses on organic growth based on a value-driven approach to onboard non-profits to the AFG platform to drive impact regionally. AUG and AFG initiatives are leading a movement to make a change in society and impact lives across the community. But as with every successful initiative, AUG and AFG rely heavily on the support of our amazing community members. Your support, no matter how big or small, will surely play a significant role in empowering our community members and will also ensure that we as a community will always be on the right path to drive excellence to fulfill our vision.


Team Bengaluru – We can’t thank you enough for all the opportunities and partnerships. We are looking forward to continuing on this amazing legacy that Bengaluru has built to date and hope that we will be able to strengthen the AUG and AFG brand further in India and across the world. 


If you wish to be a part of an amazing group of social innovators, connect with us now!


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14 - Magnetar

Congratulations and all the best! 

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12 - Quasar

Finally - We have launched the Mumbai user group and I am glad to have found individuals who are passionate about the community and driving impact.


Looking forward to working with you!




Yugandhar Muley (Yug)

Alteryx ACE | Alteryx For Good India Lead | Bengaluru Alteryx User Group Lead
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to the Alteryx User Group family!! I'm so excited to have the Mumbai group and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all will accomplish! 😀

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I would like to be a part of the group!

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