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Inspire Buzz(ed): Calling All Craft Beer Fans

11 - Bolide

For those who are into the craft beer scene, southern California has some of the country's best breweries.  Of note are Monkish Brewing (IPA's & Belgian styles) and Bottle Logic (big stouts). 


Monkish is in Torrence so if you are flying into LAX that's a good time to go (on the way to Anaheim).  Hopefully there's a can release on Sunday too!  Bottle Logic is closer to the conference and will be another must attend brewery.  If you are interested in teaming up and splitting some Ubers, let me know.


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

ooh hoo hoo! Bottle Logic is a favorite of mine :) I approve!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Perfect topic and timing @john_miller9 !


Stop by the Community corner in Downtown Alteryx during the Welcome Reception for super limited edition Inspire 2018 brewskis, also crafted in Torrence @ Zymurgy Brew Works, and handmade with 💓 by the Alteryx Community team! First come first serve.


You will have to let them age until mid June before enjoying (open immediately at your own risks), but we'll provide all you need for them to be travel safe.




Made with Love - Limited Edition Inspire 2018 brews by the Alteryx Community teamMade with Love - Limited Edition Inspire 2018 brews by the Alteryx Community team

Be sure to visit Zymurgy if you go on a brewery tour, we loved their crafted brews and staff!