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How do YOU Alteryx in marketing?

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Hey there Marketing folks - I'm curious how you use Alteryx in your marketing setting. Are you using it to calculate KPIs? Predict targets? Or maybe even as simply as making email lists (yeah, I do this- rather than giant vlookups!).


I'd love to hear your experiences with Alteryx in the marketing setting.


For me, at Garmin, I work on a subscription retention team - a sort of shoot-off from our marketing department. Our databases are disparate so Alteryx is the perfect place to bring together device behavior, customer information, and so on. My team has successfully used Alteryx to properly identify truly new customers, when to message them, and what to message them about! 


We are also working on segmentation based on usage (simply using some in-house device usage data and seeing the stats the browse tool produces). This will be helpful to send more personalized messages to our  customers based on their activity behavior. 


Got a story? Share! 

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At Chain Store Guide I use it for a similar manner. Also for building our reporting; taking out the CRM data and condensing it all into a one page brief. The workflow is huge, but it pulls in data from all corners of the company, including emails and phone calls, to give a high level overview. I also have it output into Tableau for presentations, however the brief seems to be a popular addition as it is a quick "company x-ray" to see the health of the various product lines and departments.

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Very cool- can you expand a bit on the metrics that are in this report? I'm always searching for more additional KPIs...what is important to your stakeholders? 

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Mostly year-over-year for various items (overall sales, product sales, call volume, open rates, etc) with renewal rates as well (breakdowns of new vs returning vs renewing sales). I also track open opportunities and product yields to see if there is anything that can be improved. That's all in the "overall view" but boiled down to just a data point. I can get deeper with reporting that shows the makeup of calls made (past customers vs new leads) if asked (I set up the brief, but details are simultaneously run and stored elsewhere).


I'm also working on a product by product forecast model (next month and year end projection) to see flag where efforts might need to be redirected.

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I do a lot of different things with marketing data. Probably because I work for an advertising and marketing firm, so I have A LOT of data to deal with around here.

Here's a small list of how I Alteryx in marketing:


  • Create data connection APIs to pull data from various digital media platforms.
  • Clean and manipulate client data.
  • Append client CRM data with demographic elements to assist in direct marketing strategy and overall strategy.
  • Explore geographic market data (Helpful when targeting secondary markets for SEO).
  • Create market index files from Census data.
  • Geocoding & CASS for client CRM data.
  • Merge data sets for use in Tableau.
  • Direct mail matchback.
  • Data set management.

and lest I forget....Predictive Modelling. 


We are a Tableau shop here, so why am I using Alteryx instead of TableauPrep? Because we don't put everything into Tableau. We are still heavy Excel users, so having the ability to kick out an excel file or write to our Data Lake is vital.


Great to see so many marketers using Alteryx!