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Grand Prix 2018 - 💪

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

Fellow Michiganders,

Time is running out!


2018 Grand Prix Qualification and Timeline:

Register for the Grand Prix by 23-Mar-2018; remember – being an Alteryx User Group member is a prerequisite
If you are not already an Alteryx User Group member, find your closest User Groups here
If you do not have a local User Group, reach out to
Each racer will compete in ONE 60-minute WebEx session to complete workflows judged by Alteryx Grand Prix referees
Preliminary rounds test drivers’ skills and speed using Alteryx Designer; these will be held via WebEx starting April 2, 2018 and ending April 6, 2018
Successful workflow completion earns you points, and whoever achieves the most points wins
3 racers will advance to the finals to compete on-stage at Inspire in Anaheim
The 2018 Alteryx Grand Prix will take place June 5, 2018

Grand Prix 2018 Rules:
You must be an Alteryx User Group member to participate
Any number of people from the same User Group can race in the prelims, but only 1 person per user group will be allowed to advance to finals as a racer
Grand Prix contestants can only compete on the Final Stage in one Grand Prix in a calendar year
If a racer makes the Final 3 in the US, they cannot compete at Inspire Europe in 2018
3 unique User Groups must be represented in the finals
ACEs are NOT allowed to compete in the Grand Prix

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