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If you’ve attended Inspire in the past, you know the Grand Prix is the ultimate challenge for users to test their data analytic skills. If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending Inspire, let me get you up to speed (pun intended). The Grand Prix was a data analytics “racing competition” for 10+ years. In 2017, we made the decision to break tradition (gasp!), and switch up the Grand Prix format to be more collaborative, where three drivers joined together to form one super racing team. Three teams of three presented on-stage in Las Vegas for the finals.


Coveted Grand Prix TrophyCoveted Grand Prix TrophyAfter last year’s test run, I am here to announce that in 2018, we are going back to the basics – the Grand Prix is returning to its traditional format! In Anaheim, we will once again have 3 final contestants, or “drivers,” armed with the Alteryx platform and their own wit. They will race each other live, under the bright lights, as they work to solve a series of data challenges faster than their competitors. The goal of the evening: to prove which contestant is the master of the workflow. (For a ‘behind-the-scenes perspective’ on what it takes to put on a Grand Prix, check out this post from my colleague, Scott Jones, who was been the Master of Ceremonies for more than a few Alteryx Grand Prix races in the U.S.)


Get ready for a new crowd experience at this year’s Inspire. The audience will have the opportunity to follow along with our drivers while the race is happening so that you can see who’s in the lead in real time. We will also be incorporating the broader Alteryx platform. But the elements you always loved about the Grand Prix won’t be changing – three contestants on-stage who have the need for speed will compete live; and of course the winner will still receive the Grand Prix trophy, a fabulous prize, and bragging rights for a year.


Think you’ve got what it takes to be our next master of the workflow in Anaheim? Interested in flexing your Alteryx muscle in front of a roaring crowd? Here’s how you can throw your hat in the ring for the 2018 Alteryx Grand Prix:


2018 Grand Prix Qualification and Timeline:


  • Register for the Grand Prix by 23-Mar-2018; remember – being an Alteryx User Group member is a prerequisite
    • If you are not already an Alteryx User Group member, find your closest User Groups here
    • If you do not have a local User Group, reach out to
  • Each racer will compete in ONE 60-minute WebEx session to complete workflows judged by Alteryx Grand Prix referees
  • Preliminary rounds test drivers’ skills and speed using Alteryx Designer; these will be held via WebEx starting April 2, 2018 and ending April 6, 2018
  • Successful workflow completion earns you points, and whoever achieves the most points wins
  • 3 racers will advance to the finals to compete on-stage at Inspire in Anaheim
  • The 2018 Alteryx Grand Prix will take place June 5, 2018


Grand Prix 2018 Rules:

  • You must be an Alteryx User Group member to participate
  • Any number of people from the same User Group can race in the prelims, but only 1 person per user group will be allowed to advance to finals as a racer
  • Grand Prix contestants can only compete on the Final Stage in one Grand Prix in a calendar year
  • If a racer makes the Final 3 in the US, they cannot compete at Inspire Europe in 2018
  • 3 unique User Groups must be represented in the finals
  • ACEs are NOT allowed to compete in the Grand Prix


We hope you can join us for Inspire, and either compete or cheer on our final contestants in this year’s Grand Prix. Early Bird pricing ends Feb 28 for Inspire 2018, and you can register here.

Jimmy Garrett
Solutions Engineer

Jimmy Garrett has been a Solutions Consultant at Alteryx for over 6 years and has been using the product for over 8 years. He has worked with customers in a variety of verticals helping them solve their data blending and advanced analytics problems using Alteryx.

Jimmy Garrett has been a Solutions Consultant at Alteryx for over 6 years and has been using the product for over 8 years. He has worked with customers in a variety of verticals helping them solve their data blending and advanced analytics problems using Alteryx.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@NicoleJohnson @BarnesK @LordNeilLord @PhilipMannering @Claje @danrh @MSalvage


A.  Where are stars from you?

B. Are you competing?

C. Who else should compete?





Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @MarqueeCrew


A. Starred

2. I'll give it a whirl but I'm unlikely to attend Inspire US (I'll go to Inspire Europe)

D. @Laurap1228 & @EstherB47 should enter as well!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



good of practice and I’ll root for you in London. 





@LordNeilLord I like you're listing conventions. A, 2, D. Nice!


@MarqueeCrew Unfortunately I don't think I will be attending Inspire either, but best of luck to everyone else who will participate! Smiley Happy


@LordNeilLord I am extremely flattered. Not so sure speed is my thing, especially with the trials being when I'm home with the kids over spring break. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 



@NicoleJohnson are you giving it a go? Will we get to hang out again at Inspire this year?





A) Starred
B) Maybe Smiley Happy  I'm certainly interested right now, considering entering.

C) Not sure I have many more people to recommend.  @JWeissman, any interest?


@MarqueeCrew, it's enough of a win to make your list of callouts.  I don't think I can make those dates, but I'll see if I can move my schedule around.


Good luck, all!

Alteryx Certified Partner

A. Starred.

B. Yes - Sure, couldn't hurt.

C. Perhaps @Natasha

@MarqueeCrew - Starred! And of COURSE I signed up already - prepping for last year's Grand Prix trial is the reason I'm such a big Community fan today! It's basically going to have to be a yearly tradition so I can continue to pay homage to my Alteryx roots... Smiley Happy


@EstherB47 - I will be there! Can't wait to catch up!!







Thanks for the call out.


A. Starred

B. I think it would be fun, just a little hesitant.

C. I know it says no Aces, but what about partners? @jrgo would rock it!






A) Star(s)?  Newbie question...what do you mean?

B) Sounds fun!  But alas I won't be able to make Inspire this year...

C) @lagueux_kerry might be in?


A) Starred

B) I absolutely will if I am able to go to Inspire this year!

C) @SeanAdams@Arianna_Fuller you in?