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what kind of work only can finished by Alteryx, not Tableau Prep and Power ?

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Hi all,


I am comparing Alteryx and Tableau Prep and Power BI in data preparation. I want to know what kind of work only can finished by Alteryx, not Tableau Prep and Power BI? 





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I dont use Power BI but here is an article i found that looks at Tableau and Power BI

More Information:


For me geospatial analytics is a huge part of my Alteryx usage.  Having the geospatial package and a geocoder for US and Canada was a big need.  I also needed the ability to perform spatial joins as well as drive times and trade areas. Tableau does not do these things.


I ran a beta for Maestro (Tableau Prep) and I really couldn't get it to do more than what you will find in Alteryx's Preparation, Join, Parse, Transform tools.  Again, that was the very early days of Tableau Prep and I'm sure it does more now.


I not being biased here but Alteryx really is the best solution when looking for a data prep and shaping tool and Tableau is the best when looking for data viz.


Hope this Helps,







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Thanks a lot! This is helpful!

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I'd also like to add that now I have a hard time thinking about how I can do my work in other self-service and business tools. I was told "learn how to solve all issues within one program, ultimately, they all do the same thing."

With that said, I wouldn't ask what work can only be done in Alteryx, but rather what work CANNOT be done in Alteryx. I'd love to see those responses.