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Where to learn more on Intelligent Suite tools

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I have been investigating on a learning pathway to Intelligence Suite. For an example Intelligence Suite provide the access to Tools Machine Learning Etc.

Is there a dedicate place/link to study on the all the tools specific to Intelligence Suite.


I noted that the current resources are very limited on this. For an example provide few sample videos and contents.


And some written information on


For an Example I am attaching sample excel file and I need to use Multiple Linear regression.(So need to specify Features as X1 , X2  and Y as Target to Regression tool). With the above provided links it is limited on the knowledge for Intelligent Suite.


Is there better link/place I can learn in detail on all the tools related to Intelligence Suite ?  Thanks for the Guidance.

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16 - Nebula

Hi @suresh_abeyweera I find the best way to learn is to work with the tools. Have you looked at the Intelligence Suite starter kit it has a number of examples you can work through.