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Using a file on AAH as an input to a workflow

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Hello, I am having trouble finding if and how it is possible to connect to a file which is stored on AAH as an input to a workflow, which will run on AAH.


Essentially, I need to connect to an xlsx file stored on AAH as one input to a workflow. We hope to have the end user to update the Excel file which will be stored on AAH, and then in turn use that Excel file as one of the inputs/data connections to the workflow. I’m not seeing this as a connection type in the input tool (I see Gallery, but not Hub). The file needs to be able to be updated, so it can't be stored in the workflow static. Is this possible?


Hi @jacquimoore ,
As we are still working on solid method for handling file Input in Designer directly from AAH, I would recommend looking into Workflow Dependencies management in AAH.
This functionality allows users to change input files used in your workflow, to workflow package, AAH directly or Network Location (UNC path):


  • Navigate to published workflow from within AAH and scroll down to Dependencies section and click 'Change Input File

Change input in AAH.png

  • Find desired Excel file within AAH VFS folders

VFS Input.png

  • Once change is confirmed, you will be able to run the workflow with an Excel file as Input directly from VFS.

This way, the source file can be managed directly in AAH and Jobs/Schedules related to that workflow will utilise it. Moreover for both workflow and the input file itself, version control is available in case of audit or a need to restore previous versions of the input file.


Hope it helps, but stay tuned for more options coming soon.

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Thank you!