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Professor/Student needs contact information for student who has license issue

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I used Alteryx in Fall with my graduate accounting students.  One student mistakenly signed up with an invalid email and the license didn't come through.  She ended up using the 14-day free trial and was fine.  The issue is that we are now using Alteryx in Spring and she doesn't have a license number.  When she tried again to get the license, she got a "Verification limit exceeded" message and can't get a license.  We've both tried contacting Alteryx to get this resolved but aren't getting a response.  Is there a specific education team and/or email that anyone knows of that I (as her professor) or she (as the student) can use to get this resolved?  Any suggestions are appreciated.


For context, this is what she emailed to me:

Back in September I registered for an access code of Alteryx, when I registered the email address was off I put xxxx@adu.edu instead of xxxx@asu.edu. I went back to the site and tried to re-register with the correct email address xxxx@asu.edu, but the system said I had already registered and would have to wait to get the code. I waited 5 business days and called them, there was no help available. I later called at the end of October hoping that enough time had passed to have the code sent to me. I was informed on that call that the code would be sent to the correct email address. 


I never received an email with the correct code to access Alteryx. I have a project this spring that requires access to this system and was hoping you might be able to help me with this. If you need more details please let me know. 

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Have you guys tried to see the license into the FlexNet?

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I was not aware of that...thank you!  I will give this to the student and see if she can find her license this way.




Please have the student send an email to sparked@alteryx.com and someone on the team can assist with getting their license. 



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Thanks, I just sent the information to the student.  


She had logged in to the Alteryx Community. 

However, when she clicked on the link to check her license keys, it required her to INPUT her license keys before she could see anything - that is, she got the following screen:



Thus, I'm having her email the sparked@alteryx.com email.