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New Years Resolutions

8 - Asteroid

I know I have some boring life-related resolutions, and you might, too. But I don't want to hear about those (unless you really want to share.) What I want to know is what are your data-related resolutions for 2020? Mine are:

1. Become proficient in macros

2. Become proficient in spatial tools

3. Pass the advanced level certification

4. Start learning a new language (Python? R? any suggestions?)

11 - Bolide

@sonyakasenkramer great goals! (i might borrow a few)


I also had to cave in and make myself some goals this year - I've avoided resolutions by calling them "goals" 😛


1) Complete at least 50 Alteryx Weekly Challenges

2) Speak at 2 events - (spoke at my first event last year and almost died I was so anxious...I know i can do better next time)

3) I also want to attempt to upgrade my certification! (either the Advanced or Partner Cert)


Now I might add the macro building in Alteryx- cause I've avoided them forever 😄

12 - Quasar

My resolution for 2020 was to allow my Alteryx capabilities and knowledge to open new opportunities. Instead of double thinking and triple thinking every client offering and opportunity, I want to just say YES and figure it out along the way.


Unfortunately, I've already failed and ask someone to give me the night to consider an opportunity, and lost the place the next day. 


Hopefully my Alteryx knowledge and experience will open new doors in the financial world coming this year - 2020.


Looking forward!