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Need Laptop Recommendation (to run Alteryx/Tableau for side contract gig)

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What type of high quality laptop would you all recommend for a side contract gig to do analytics with Alteryx (and also Tableau)?


I need a separate laptop from my Dynabook work laptop, which I use Alteryx and Tableau with on a daily basis.


I want to see if there are any better options out there than the one I have for work.


Give me brands, specs, etc. please! Want a powerful laptop that will be able to handle large amounts of data, and run smoothly as well as be a reliable laptop. Thanks in advance!

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I would recommend:


Core i5 or higher

16GB Ram



At least those specs work for me. It really depends on your budget, you can find workstations that are super powerful like x1 extreme form Lenovo or in my case with a most affordable computer thinkpad T490. 


11 - Bolide

I have a Lenovo T14 with a 10. gen I7, with 32gb ram and a ssd.
No matter how big datasets i throw at it, it works perfectly :)